Today's Handicap Accessible World

These days, most every place you go is handicap accessible. This includes schools, offices, factories, restaurants and much more. In many places there are entrances with wheelchair ramps designated for the disabled. There are also handicapped accessible parking spaces at every place of business. These parking spaces are close to the main building so disabled persons do not have to travel a long way to get inside. In order to legally use one of these spaces, it is necessary to have a hang tag, or handicapped sticker, for your vehicle.

To learn more about accessible handicapped places, you may want to check out the ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act. This government department has an information packed website where you can learn a great deal about the resources available for the disabled. The site talks about transportation, employment, assistance, housing and much more. The goal of the ADA is to help the disabled in any way possible and make sure their human rights and civil liberties are being upheld and respected. They also strive to educate both the disabled and non-disabled and improve the quality of life for the disabled.

If you do not have a vehicle made for the disabled, consider a converted van. There are vans made especially for wheelchair bound passengers. They have a ramp that lifts into the vehicle, making it effortless for these passengers to enter and exit the vehicle. There are new and used handicap vans made by some of the biggest names in the automotive industry. In some cases the cost of a new or used handicap van may be covered by a disability program. In other cases these vehicles can be leased, rented, financed or bought. You can also have a regular van converted into a disabled-accessible van.

Another important location that is handicap accessible is the public restroom. Whether you are in an eatery, mall, department store, school, workplace or other facility there should be handicap stalls in the restroom that are marked as such. These are larger than the other stalls to make room for equipment and have safety bars. As you can see, there are many ways the world has become more friendly towards the disabled. Everywhere you look there are modifications for the disabled to make their lives easier, which is how it should be. This is an area that has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few decades.


News for the Physically Challenged:


PWDs may now buy assistive devices online - Economic Times

PWDs may now buy assistive devices online
Economic Times
"We would be soon linking our recently launched web-portal comprising the directory of aids and assistive devices for PWDs with online retailers. Differently-abled persons can compare the products from different manufacturers and place orders .

and more »

MONTGOMERY: New icon being pushed for handicapped symbol
MONTGOMERY EUR” The Accessible Icon Project is an international movement to change the current handicapped symbol into an image its backers think is more accessible and acceptable...

Forging a brighter future for disabled children living with HIV/AIDS in Kenya - World Bank Group

Forging a brighter future for disabled children living with HIV/AIDS in Kenya
World Bank Group
In 2012, an estimated 1.6 million people were living with HIV and roughly 57,000 people died from AIDS-related illnesses. Since 2007, the World Bank's Total War Against AIDS Project counseled over 5 million people for HIV and provided grants to more .


Morrison Opportunity Thrift Shop makes giving a priority - Daily Commercial

Daily Commercial

Morrison Opportunity Thrift Shop makes giving a priority
Daily Commercial
Another popular area of the shop is a medical/handicapped equipment section, which was developed and spearheaded by Ted Emack, a Morrison United Methodist member. EURœThis made health aid equipment available to be loaned to individuals at no cost,EUR Neeble .


Egypt: Sisi - 4 New Cities to Be Established for Handicapped
[Egypt Online]President Abdel Fattah El Sisi announced on Friday that the government will establish four new cities for the handicapped by funds of "Long Live Egypt" fund...

Roadshow: When people with disabled parking don't 'look handicapped'
Q What is your advice when we see people parking in handicapped spaces who truly are not handicapped? A How would you know? People can be disabled and appear healthy. Read on...

Handicapped man leaves note for robbers: 'I will be waiting on you'
A handicapped man has left a note for any robbers thinking about breaking into his home. "You try to break in my house again, I will be waiting on you."..

A Park And Playground For All
Christmas came early to the Village of Massapequa Park by way of a $75,000 grant from Nassau County to assist in the transformation of Brady Park to become handicapped accessible. The money comes from a grant through federal funds. EURœBrady Park was built back in the early EUR˜90s so we have been looking to upgrade [EURŠ]..

Carol Olson: Some handicaps aren't always so obvious
I was going to start this column off with a strong complaint on the misuse of the handicapped placards. Watching people parking in the handicapped spaces and then walking with no visible problems, I had noted 47 cars with placards. Of those, only five were used by people with walking problems...

Special parking cards for the handicapped
Reader obtained a special parking permit, but is concerned he might still get fined...


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